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Many will charge you a lot of money for this credit repair information. Here it is totally free. I do make a commission off products I sell, but it is my goal to make this the easiest and CHEAPEST way to clean up your credit report the RIGHT way. There is a lot of wrong and incomplete information online. You do not need to purchase any of our products to use this information to repair your credit the right way. It really is free to anyone, although it is meant for use in the U.S., not globally.

Steps to do BEFORE you start disputing your credit reports’ tradelines and removing public records like bankruptcy in your credit reports.

1) Do not skip or cut any corners in these instructions. READ EVERYTHING. If you skip a step there will be a smaller chance it will work, and if it does, it could come back on your credit reports.

2) At this time, this works well with Equifax and Experian. TransUnion can be more difficult, but it works with them too.

3) If an item on your credit report is inaccurate, incomplete, or unverifiable it must be corrected or removed according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) (Download).

10) Download your credit report from Innovis:

Dispute the bad information like you did with LexisNexis. (same link)

11) Get your report and dispute like (LexisNexis) from ARS here:

Account Resolution Services

P.O. Box 459079

Sunrise, FL 33345-9079

ARS Phone #: 844-729-2772

Try to avoid providing your State ID and a copy of your Social Security Card or full Social Security Number. This may not be possible.

Use this letter:

(Your Name only middle initial)

(Last 4 of Social Security Number)

(Date of Birth)
(New Address)

(Phone number)

Please send My ARS free credit report to the address listed above.

First and last name

12) Freeze your accounts with each of these three companies:




13) Pull all three credit reports from  
NEVER get your credit report directly from a credit bureau.
DO NOT start any disputes YET. Just pull your credit reports. You can use another way to pull credit reports, but this one works with my FREE Credit Dispute software. I do make a small commission that helps support this website.

14) DO NOT dispute anything online, over the phone, OR EMAIL (if possible) ONLY USPS Certified Mail.

15) If you have NOT moved since your bad credit tradelines, bankruptcy, or other public records you don’t want listed, get a new address or a P.O. Box for your new address.  Make sure your good tradelines, and only your good tradelines, have your new address for billing. If you have moved and changed your ID, and the court does not have the new address, then you can skip this. Never use your old address again. 

16) Go through each credit report (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian), and change every ACTIVE and GOOD account to your new address or P.O. Box with the current creditors. EVERY ONE.

17) Change your name on your credit reports (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian), to only one actual name, i.e. John L Doe. Not alias, other partial names, or anything else. First Name, Middle Initial, and Last Name ONLY. It is best to use a variation of your name that IS NOT on the bankruptcy/public record that you pulled from Pacer (if it applies). Pacer will probably have your middle name spelled out. It is also preferable to TRY not to use your name as how it is spelled in negative tradelines. Never use the other variations of your name again.

18) Change your address in the credit bureaus to reflect your new address / P.O. Box ONLY.  Remove all old addresses. It is best to use an address that IS NOT on the bankruptcy/public record that you pulled from Pacer (if it applies).

Get your name and address changed on your State ID/Driver’s License to your new address. NEVER provide an ID with a name and address that is on your bankruptcy/public record and preferably not on any of the tradelines.

19)  Change your phone number (preferably to a NEW NUMBER) in the credit bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian), to your current (preferably new) phone number ONLY. Remove all old phone numbers. Your phone number is probably not on Pacer, but you want a phone number that is NOT listed with any creditors except your current creditors. DO not use any of the old phone numbers again.

20) Change your work history to only reflect your current work address ONLY with the credit bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian). It is best to use a variation of your current job’s address that IS NOT on the bankruptcy that you pulled from Pacer (if it applies).

21) Check all three of your credit reports to insure everything is done. Your credit report should only have one name, address, phone number, and workplace listed at this time.

22) The credit bureaus have 45 days to make these corrections. If they don’t you can take them to Small Claims Court. No attorney necessary. Just keep the certified mail receipts and copies of the letters.

23) Now is the time to start disputing your tradelines. We will help you with our software for FREE. You will have to purchase your credit reports from our affiliate to use our software to generate dispute letters. This is because only their version of your credit reports will interface with our software. We do make a small commission on this. GO HERE:  
NEVER get your credit report directly from a credit bureau.

DO NOT SIGN THE Credit Bureaus’ LETTERS, use  “/s/“ as in: /s/ John L. Doe.

EMAIL Free Credit Repair Information (ONLY when you have completed EVERY STEP AND IT DOESN'T WORK!)

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